Assistent accountant scope audit

Сотрудники Scope Audit

Assistent accountant scope audit

Working at Scope Audit Amsterdam: assistant auditors without borders

Scope Audit is a young audit organisation with one specialism: international group audits. Our clients are international companies that have a global expansion strategy. With our offices in Amsterdam and Moscow, and fast expansion into other global financial centres, Scope has the ambition to become a realistic alternative for international companies in supporting and auditing their global expansion.

Based in Amsterdam South Axis we are located closed to our clients and their advisors.

We work in an international environment, where our Scopers, from different cultures, are working closely together. Where English is our corporate language. And where our clients are from all over the world.

We are specialist and we expect that our assistant auditors will also develop as specialist. Only in this way you can really add value to your client.

Working in an international business environment is often demanding, with lots of travels and not always home for dinner. Our clients are expecting the highest level of commitment from us. We understand how important it is to work together with our clients, in their premises, to achieve the best audit quality. Even if this is far away from home.

Assistant auditors working at Scope understand that technical skills are as important as careful communication and bridging different cultures. Scopers understand the complexity of our clients’ business and do have the capabilities that match this level of complexity.

As a young audit organisation, we appeal to our Scopers to contribute to our growth. This gives challenges and opportunities for ambitious assistant auditors without borders.

We find it important that our Scopers continue to develop. We have a coaching style leadership and you will receive lots of support and direct feedback.

As a fast-growing audit organisation we are looking for assistant-auditors without borders. Are you ambitious, do you aspire to work in an international setting, do you have excellent communication skills, do you like to work in other cultures, do you speak various languages (English compulsory) and do you want to become a specialist in the area in international group audits, then we would like to hear from you.

Of course, we offer a good salary and fringe benefits, an excellent lifelong learning program and investment in personal development, management, leadership and strategy. But what we offer most: a great challenge to become an auditor without borders.

Interested: call or write Gerard Uijtendaal, partner: or +31 6 39 77 11 39.